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She Is Tulsa has been blessed to grace the television screen, and be interviewed by some incredible Tulsa women. Click the links below to learn more about what we do, and who we are. More exposure is on the horizon as our reach grows, so stay tuned!


Good Day Tulsa

"Lisa Bain along with Founder of 'She is Tulsa' join Sunny to talk about Saturday's release party."

With Amanda Slee

"Woman creates magazine showcasing Tulsa women."

334820627_599890078275450_8304242095885585482_n (1).jpg

May Treasure Talks Guest

"She Is Tulsa" creator sits down with Lisa Bain Ministries to talk about the trials and tragedies she overcame that have helped her triumph and walk out her dream and purpose.

Behind The Lens

"Nicole Barton is more than a photographer. She is a visionary, an artist, a mogul, SHE IS TULSA. Listen with an open heart an mind to her vision for a Tulsa that has no limits!"

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