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"She Is Tulsa" started as a photo exhibit and short film being shown at The Circle Cinema in Tulsa. The collection of images that were on display at the Circle Cinema were mostly shot in a studio space downtown, but some were shot on-location when it added value to the narrative. The photographs are reminiscent of the way that Vanity Fair and Vogue shoot subjects like famous athletes or musicians, giving a star quality to the collection. The final collection of images as well as the two-part film will live here on the website after the Part II exhibition run and screening ends in Fall 2022.


What started as an incredible art exhibit and short film has become Tulsa's first and only magazine for women.  Casting for the magazine will be ongoing, and applications are open now. To be considered for "She Is Tulsa" magazine, click below and sign up. 

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Nicole Barton has been shooting professionally for thirteen years. Over the course of her career, she's earned Bronze and Silver in the Portrait Masters Competition and placed in international competitions. She is the creator of Crowned In Silver Magazine and her work has been published in Forbes, and Ebony Magazine, amongst others. Empowering women of all sizes, shapes, shades, and ages through representation in gorgeous images has been her mission for over a decade. It is the bond she builds with the women she meets that drives her passion, as well as watching them transform through the experience of seeing themselves in a new way.


“I've really tried to choose a wide variety of women, covering different ethnicities, careers, backgrounds and hobbies to show what a wide range of human experience exists here, and how unique this community is. I've photographed a Rodeo Queen which is something you might expect here in Oklahoma, but I've also photographed circus performers, activists, artists-you name it.”

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